How widespread are respiratory illnesses in Houston right now?

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Houston sees rise in RSV cases, data shows
When it comes to respiratory viruses, cases are low across the U.S. but not in Houston, particularly when talking about RSV.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Numbers provided to ABC13 by the Houston Health Department have given us a look at how we're faring in the early part of flu season.

A spokesperson from the department said the season ranges from October through March.

The statistics, which were last updated on Oct. 28, show there have been 3,547 flu cases, 2,175 RSV cases, and 7,290 COVID-19 cases since this season began.

They added that flu numbers are currently trending downward from last year, COVID-19 cases are about the same, and RSV cases are on the rise when compared to numbers from this point in 2022.

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Dr. Gautam Sikka is with UTHealth Houston and said now is the time to start thinking about these respiratory viruses.

"Once the jackets come out, it is the time you'll see patients getting sick," he said while reminding us we've just gotten to that point in the city.

He emphasized that we're still very early in the season but said he doesn't expect respiratory illnesses to get to a point where hospitals in the area become overloaded.

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