Houston hairstylist works her magic at Miss Universe pageant

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Last weekend, the world watched as women from all backgrounds competed for the title of Miss Universe.

For the first time in history, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Universe are all black women.

"African-American women, Black women, women of color, people of color in general, weren't seen as beautiful. Our lips were too big. Our cheekbones were too high, our noses were too wide, and now to see these women winning in all of their black girl magic glory, I love it. I love every single part of it," Joy Williams said with a smile.

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Williams, owner and hairstylist at JW Studios in northwest Houston was on the style team at Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe. She says the thing she's most proud of is seeing all these women win with their natural, textured hair.

"Just being able to walk in the room and all the curly girls say 'Okay, Okay. I'm good.' I feel so blessed. It's such an honor," she continued.

Williams believes her ability to do all types of hair, not just black hair, is what led to her being invited into the pageant world. She got into styling in high school, continued it during her studies at the University of Texas, and then dove into it full time after leaving a job at the state Capitol to pursue her real dream.

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She's glad she did.

She believes the standard of beauty is shifting and now, finally, the world is awakening to the uniqueness and power of all women, especially those with a little Black Girl Magic.

"Certainly with the influx of social media and those types of things, people are able to see us more in all of our glory. Having the world accept that is validation, but it's validation that wasn't really needed because it's more of a 'Thank you for finally realizing that we're here.'"

In addition to hair, Williams also makes beauty products for the face and body. In between pageants, she also plans to do more advocacy work for foster children and domestic violence victims.

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