There is still time to protect your home and furry friends from the freeze

HOUSTON, Texas -- Protect your home before the temperatures plunge.

That means wrapping any exposed piping, whether it's made of plastic, copper or any other material. Most of Houston won't be experiencing a hard freeze, so the pipes inside your home should be okay.

Continue to take precautions, shut off the valve and drain water from your sprinkler system and cover any plants sensitive to cold temperatures with a breathable fabric.

The Houston ASPCA reminds you to bring your pet indoors tonight. If you have a pet you can't bring inside, keep them in an enclosed, dry structure with blankets.

The ASPCA says cars can act as a refrigerator in the cold, so never leave your dog or cat alone in the car.

Be aware of stray cats who might sleep under car hoods to stay warm. Before you start your car, bang loudly on the hood to give them a chance to escape.