Mayor Turner, organizations provide 3K people with food and water

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and multiple organizations came together to provide about 3,000 people with food and water during a drive-through distribution Sunday.

Turner partnered with NACC Disaster Services, the Teamsters Union and AFL-CIO to distribute food, water, meal kits, pillows and cups.

The mayor said he received a call from David Diaz of NACC Saturday morning saying his organization had enough supplies to help meet people's needs.

"Can we get this done?," Diaz asked Turner.

They were able to plan the logistics in 24 hours to make the event happen.

"How we respond says a lot about our city, and we are responding in a very positive way because we're coming together as a group," said Turner.

Turner also thanked the Teamsters Union for stepping up to help the city after another natural disaster. Turner said this team was front and center during Hurricane Harvey, and now they're providing aid once again.

"We are still dealing with people's lives being significantly disrupted because of the winter storm," Turner said. "So even though the power is on, the water pressure has normalized, the reality is that there are thousands of homes including apartments that have been affected because of busted pipes, and they still do not have water."

He also said he has requested more supplies from FEMA for licensed plumbers to be able to use.

Rick Lord, a business agent, said he was at a hardware store recently and described it as "a Black Friday on steroids in the plumbing aisle" because shelves were completely wiped out.

"I know we've faced one challenge after another, but I would not trade this city for any other city on the face of the earth," Turner said.

He also seemed optimistic that doses of the newly approved Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Houston this week.

"That will be a game changer as well," Turner said. "We will be able to increase the number of people being able to get the vaccine."
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