Houston Fire Department positioned to rescue flood victims in 'vulnerable' parts of city

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As the rain comes down, the Houston Fire Department is ready for potential rescues.

Nine high water vehicles are positioned at vulnerable spots around the city. Add to them 10 evacuation boats, six rescue boats and some wave runners. Not too long ago, this marine group didn't exist.

"All of this was due to the three continuous years of flooding," Senior Captain Joshua Vogel said.

Capt. Vogel took ABC13 for a ride. Seven-hundred firefighters are now trained in water rescue. Three-hundred-and-fifty are on high water vehicles. They are a welcome sight when people need them. He says.

"Now they see this, their anxiety is now relieved a bit because they know we can get to them if they need us," Vogel said. "We're not only able to help people during a fire, we can help people during a flood."

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