Fredericksburg family loses second child in wrong-way crash on Westpark Tollway

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Family loses second child in wrong-way crash on Westpark Tollway
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After losing their son in a crash 23 years ago, this family is going through the grief all over again after their daughter was killed in a wrong-way crash while she worked.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A family is searching for answers after a paramedic was killed in yet another wrong-way wreck on the Westpark Tollway.

Five people have died in wrong-way crashes on the tollway since July. The most recent one happened on Saturday and it was all caught on surveillance video. Footage from the scene shows a car speeding past a bus near Fondren. It then slammed into the ambulance Sarah Kaderli was working in.

Sarah's parents, Steven and Sheila Kaderli, live in Fredericksburg. They said Sarah was living and working in Houston as a paramedic because she loved to help people. Her death has caused them pain that is, unfortunately, familiar.

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"Her oldest brother died in a car wreck 23 years ago," Steven said.

He and his wife know what it's like to lose a child, which is why they said they kept 31-year-old Sarah close.

"We run trackers on our phone between her and us. When I got up Saturday morning, I saw things I didn't like about her tracking situation and where the phone ended up," he said.

Sarah was killed when a suspected wrong-way driver on the Westpark Tollway crashed into the private ambulance she was working in. The damage at the scene was so severe that investigators still haven't been able to figure out who was behind the wheel.

"An accident is something that's not intentional. This could have been avoided," said Kevin Hubbard, with the Precinct 5 Constable's Office.

One person in each vehicle was killed. Another person is in critical condition, and one person is out of the hospital recovering.

The Kaderlis said they forgive the person who caused all of this harm, "Something in their life wasn't right, and that's what created the situation. We have forgiveness in our hearts toward them."

They are also finding peace in the fact that Sarah, described as giving and caring, died while helping people. That knowledge was helping fuel their faith.

"He carries us through a lot. That's how we got through the first one. That's how we're getting through this one. It's our faith in God and knowing God has a purpose for everything," the couple said.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority and the Precinct 5 Constable's Office are continuing their investigation into the crash. Sarah will be laid to rest on Friday in Fredericksburg. The service will be held at Bridge Church at 1 p.m.