2 thieves believed to be teens break into Montrose home as couple slept, video shows

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Thieves believed to be teens break into Montrose home as couple slept
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Video shows the suspects go in and out of the home several times before deciding to take their shoes off before entering again.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A couple who was sound asleep was startled to find out two thieves, whom they believe to be teens, had broken into their home in Montrose.

On July 1 at about 1 a.m., Brian West said he and his wife were sleeping and woke up to their dog barking. After seeing no one downstairs, West checked his doorbell camera footage.

Two thieves wearing hoodies and masks are seen rummaging through his car where they find house keys, which West did not even know were inside.

One of the suspected burglars tests out the key by twisting and turning it, and successfully gains entry.

"When you see someone coming into your house, it's a pretty scary experience," West said.

The two thieves are seen going in and out of the home several times before deciding to take their shoes off and ditch them. They go back inside for about 15 minutes.

"They came in about three times. Then they take off their shoes, probably because of the noise," West said. "They take off their shoes, then come back in, just very nonchalant and casual. Just very odd to do that while you are asleep in your own house."

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West, who fears for his and his wife's safety, believes the thieves should think twice before doing this again.

"My concern is also for their safety going into a house and someone has a gun or takes action on them," West said. "They are taking a big risk doing what they are doing."

West's wife took this to social media, warning her neighbors so they could be on high alert, causing other neighbors to chime in quickly.

"A couple of neighbors saw them going through cars. One neighbor caught them coming up to her front door as well," she said. "I think they were just making the rounds."

As far as they know, the burglars did not make it out with anything. However, they took this couple's sense of security in their home.

"That part kind of scares me. Were they in for 15 minutes thinking about whether they'll come back, or were they just two kids? You just don't know. That's part of the thing that goes through your head", West said.

Houston police are investigating and asking anyone who has any information regarding the suspects to call 713-308-0800.

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