Officials arrest 471 criminals and seize over $421K during 10-week operation in SW Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This year, we've seen a rise in criminal activities in the Houston area, but law enforcement officers say they have been just as busy trying to keep our streets safe.

On Tuesday, U.S. Marshals, Houston police and Fort Bend County officials held a news conference to announce the latest result of its Operation Triple Beam.

The key focus of this operation was on fugitives, specifically on the most violent gang members who reside in the southwest part of Houston, including Fort Bend County, according to HPD Assistant Chief Yasi Bashir.

The 10-week operation, which ran from July 19 through Sept. 24, saw the arrests of 471 criminals, 72 of whom were known gang members, according to Bashir.

When it comes to charges, Bashir said that of those arrested, 28 were homicide suspects and 188 were aggravated suspects.

In addition, authorities also seized 95 weapons, 541 kilograms of narcotics and over $421,000.

"As long as we carry this badge, we're not going to let any shortcomings or anything that comes our way slow us down," Bashir said. "It makes our community safer that we're engaged."

During the news conference, Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan said the operation gave people their lives back and hopes the community continues working together to get criminals off the street.

"We're out there. We're not asleep. The ones who should be in fear are violent fugitives and gang members," Fagan said. "Work with us against the gangs."

Despite the number of arrests made in this operation, Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said the fight is not over.

"What you're seeing from this operation is us fighting back," Middleton said. "Enough is enough."
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