Could Houstonians soon pay more? Revenue cap adjustment for taxpayers may be on ballot in 2023

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Revenue cap adjustment for taxpayers may be on ballot in 2023
Houston leaders discuss a revenue cap adjustment for taxpayers, and it may be on ballot in November 2023.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- How much money Houstonians pay in taxes and if that may change were the topic of discussion at Wednesday's city council meeting.

It has to do with the revenue cap and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is, again, wanting to change it. He said it is in best interest of public safety.

"I fully support it because, I think, it just makes good financial sense," Turner said on Wednesday.

For years, there has been a revenue cap in place in the City of Houston, so there has been a limit on how much money the city can collect from the taxpayers.

"I don't see how we are going to fund our fire and police after all of these government funds that we've received from the federal government run out," Michael Kubosh, at-large position 3 council member, said.

In the past, Turner has asked for the cap to be changed, saying the revenue cap constrains them.

This is not a new issue. The city has struggled to balance the budget over the years, and they have gotten creative to make it work. Most recently, Houston has been using a big portion of COVID-19 relief dollars, which was brought up in Wednesday's meeting.

"I do think in light of that, these federal dollars are going to come to an end and the needs of the city, especially as it relates to public safety, will not be diminished. And there has to be funding for it," Turner said.

So, what's next? Voters will have the chance to help decide.

"I will put it before you to be placed on the November ballot of next year and then the voters can decide. An exemption. An exception for police and fire," Turner said.

Turner is wanting this change in the revenue cap. However, won't have to face voters about it because his term is up at the end of next year.

This issue will likely end up on the ballot at the same time people are voting on his successor in November 2023.

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