Security guards caught on video tackling, hitting fans after Cougars AAC title victory

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Sunday, December 6, 2015
Fans, security guards clash
Fans and security guards clashed after UH's football game, Pooja Lodhia reports.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- For Houston Cougars fans, Saturday's game was a chance to celebrate the Coogs American Athletic Conference championship victory. However, others found themselves tackled on the field at TDECU Stadium.

In a rush to storm the field, many fans are seen on video being attacked by Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) staff members.

Robert Loredo suffered a busted lip after he allegedly was punched and kicked.

"I'm a really nice guy, I have a big heart, and for that to just happen and be kicked around like a rag-doll that really upset me," Loredo said.

Video's from the post-game melee have gone viral on social media.

Student Harrison Holmes described the chaos that unfolded with one of the guards allegedly being run over.

"He was just kind of lying there," Holmes said. "After that, there was reluctance to go after anybody, the security was."

"I'm really furious that it got to that point to where they had to kick and hit people while they were down," Loredo added. "Tackling that's fine, okay, but to the point where you kick somebody in the face for no apparent reason, that was uncalled for."

University of Houston Vice President for Athletics Hunter Yuracheck called the postgame activity 'disappointing'. In a statement, he said:

"After viewing initial videos of today's postgame activity, I am extremely disappointed and angered with the actions taken by individuals employed by our security contractor CSC. We are working with the University of Houston police to review today's activities and will take swift and appropriate action including the termination of our current contract with CSC and any legal action deemed necessary."

CSC issued this statement to Eyewitness News:

Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) is aware of the events that occurred following today's University of Houston football game. Training is provided to CSC employees for responding to such situations. Any actions by CSC personnel that contradict our training, CSC's other requirements, or the law, are not condoned by CSC and will not be tolerated. We are currently performing an investigation of the events and will take appropriate action based on the outcome of our investigation.