Mexico-bound bus crash kills 10-year-old from Houston

SAN LUIS POTOSI, Mexico (KTRK) -- An accident on Saturday morning involving a bus from Houston left two dead and several injured.

Alberto Castanon, 10, of Houston, was one of the two passengers killed.

He and his grandmother, Margarita Flores, were going to see their family in Mexico for the holiday.

Family members say they were just three hours away from their destination of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

It wasn't until Alberto's mother received a call from Margarita's phone that they knew something was wrong.

When they heard of the incident, the family went to the bus company to see who was killed, but weren't given any information.

A distant cousin in Mexico was able to send them a picture, identifying Alberto.

"We have cried. It's just been very hard," says Alberto's aunt, Yadira Alvarado.

Administrators say the accident was due to weather, as it was raining at the time of the crash.

The Houston bus company is working with Mexican authorities to investigate the crash.

To help the family with Alberto's funeral arrangements, visit

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