Double shooting in Fort Bend Co.: Man dead, woman shot in the head

FRESNO, TX (KTRK) -- In Fresno, Fort Bend County, neighbors say hearing gunshots is just part of rural life, but that was not the case at a home, today, near the corner of Evergreen and South Post Oak Boulevard. The man living there heard gunshots heard last night, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, and made a horrible discovery when he was leaving for work this morning.

"He was leaving for work and he did find the body of a Hispanic make in his driveway. His stepdaughter was critically injured," said Caitlin Espinosa of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

The male was his stepdaughter's boyfriend. The stepdaughter, 22 years old, was taken to Memorial Hermann for surgery, and neighbors are understandably concerned.

"I heard gunshots last night, so I don't know what really happened."

Beth Gonzales lives at a nearby property.

"We didn't think nothing, it's a normal thing in here. We heard two rounds, we heard 5, then a couple minutes after we heard another 5 or 6."

Investigators spent the morning talking to the stepfather, but have not said anything yet, about what could have led up to the deadly shooting.

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