Homeless man on I-10 with giant sign seeking 'better things'

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Lawrence Chappel has spent the last 94 days standing on the corner of I-10 and Highway 6 with a sign seeking not money, but stable work.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the last 94 days, Lawrence Chappell has stood on the corner of I-10 and Highway 6 with a sign.

"Jack of all trades," Chappell said, reading his sign. "Honest guy, give me a try. My daily goal is to pay for my room and pay for my service dog."

Chappell is homeless. He has been staying at a motel near the intersection, where he tries to catch the attention of passing drivers.

Carpentry, tile, fence work, landscaping... you name it and Chappell said he is willing to do it.

"I'll work overtime, all the time," he said. "Just give me a shot, please."

He said he applies for jobs online, but he cannot clear the background check.

Chappell has faced charges over the years and is currently serving deferred adjudication for an aggravated assault charge.

He said he is ready to start a new chapter and is not giving up hope on getting a job.

"I know my time is coming," Chappell said. "I'm staying positive."

His sign caught the attention of one woman, who took a photo of him and posted it to Twitter. It has been shared thousands of times in just a few days.

Since the post on Twitter, he said he has gotten some calls that seem promising. He has done a roof job and helped someone move, but he is looking for something more stable.

"I'm looking for that permanent," Chappell said. "I want a paycheck. I was built for better things than this, so I am striving for those better things."

Lawrence said he can be contacted with job offers at (346) 708-9973.

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