DIY: Rustic flag

ByKat Cosley
Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just in time for the Fourth of July

What you need:

7 sticks cut approximately the same length

1 stick slightly longer to form the "flag pole"

Red, white, and blue spray paint

24 gauge wire (I prefer gold)

Hot glue gun

Painters tape

Beads (to glue on for stars)


Spray 4 sticks red, 3 white plus the longer one to be used as the "pole". Keep them rustic. One coat on both sides is plenty. It is ok if the stick color shows through.

Starting with a red stick, wrap wire around several times and loop off. Then add a white stick by looping wire around a couple times. Alternate until you have wired 4 red and 3 white sticks together on one side of the stick. (Don't worry about getting the wire perfect, you want a rustic, homemade look. Just get it as tight as you are able.)

Next lay the stick flag on its back and hot glue the white longer stick across the sticks for a pole. Gluing in the middle holds it best. Be sure to pinch the unwired side of the sticks together as the glue hardens.

Then carefully wire the opposite side of the sticks together being careful not to break the hot glue bond.

Section off the left hand area of the flag to be sprayed blue with painters tape. (4 sticks down, leaving the bottom 3 sticks red and white) Spray with blue paint.

After the blue paint dries, glue stars on by dipping beads in hot glue with tweezers and attaching to the blue area of the flag.