Neighbors fed up with Kingwood home filled with trash

KINGWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- Residents on one Kingwood street are tired of looking at a house that's been long vacant and now has trash filling the driveway.

The house is in the North Woodlands Hills subdivision where most homes are well-kept. Neighbors tell Eyewitness News this one on Dristone has been vacant for 12 years while trash piled up inside.

"This house has been an eyesore for a long time," said John Stigliano who lives a few houses away.

Over the last few months, most of the trash has been tossed into a dumpster that sits in the driveway. Now, that trash fills the driveway.

"The driveway is like a dumping ground," said Janae Bender.

There's old furniture medical records, holiday decorations and household garbage. Neighbors say they've asked for help from the city of Houston, the city health department and their homeowners association and still the pile sits. They're concerned about property values and health hazards.

Eyewitness News went looking for answers and found Joyce Schneider a few hours later at the home. She raised her family there. Her son, a Houston attorney, is listed as the owner. Schneider says, despite how it looks, some of the pile, like old photographs, is valuable to her. She admits she returns almost daily to dig through it.

She made a promise neighbors hope she keeps.

"This will be cleaned up by the end of the week," Schneider said.
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