Man sues Hershey, blames Twizzlers' black licorice for heart problems

NEW YORK, New York (KTRK) -- A 73-year-old man is suing the Hershey company, claiming Twizzlers black licorice contributed to his heart condition and that he wasn't properly warned of the candy's potential danger.

In 2017, the FDA issued a warning against glycyrrhizin, a sweetening compound that is found in black licorice.

The federal agency claims this ingredient can lower potassium levels, which can lead to heart problems, and warns adults over 40 that "eating 2 ounces of black licorice a day for at least two weeks could land you in the hospital with an irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmia."

David Goldberg reportedly ate a bag of Twizzlers per week, for years.
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