Baytown woman's false migraine turns out to be rare disease

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Ami Jones says she thought it was a migraine, but it ended up being something much worse. (KTRK)

Amy Jones thought it was just a migraine headache.

It wasn't the worst headache she's ever had, but she said it was the most persistent.

When she finally went to the ER, things got much worse.

"It was intense, to say the least. It was really terrifying," Amy said. "It was a life-changing experience."

Amy's fiancé was with her at the hospital, and was suddenly faced with doctors telling him Amy was placed in a medically induced coma. Her brain was bleeding and she needed surgery.

"I can't even really explain the feelings," Bobby George said of the abrupt medical emergency.

When Amy finally woke up weeks later, she found out she has a rare disease that stops her blood from clotting. Doctors said bleeding from the brain is a constant risk

"I don't have full brain function," Amy said.

"There's a lot of memory issues and a lot of seizures. She's 95 percent there," Bobby said.

Amy's medical bills are pulling up fast and she is unable to work because of her seizures and blackouts.

Bobby was also laid off a few weeks later.

"No matter how hard, no matter what life does to us, we try to pull through," Bobby said.

Amy is spending her time painting, hoping to sell some of her artwork to help pay the bills. They've also started a GoFundMe account.

Amy's also spending time writing letters to her three children and to Bobby, so they can read them if she loses her battle with the disease.

"I want them to know even though I'm not here, I'm still with them," Amy said.
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