Get Fit Week: Cycling teacher

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Alief I.S.D teacher Mayra-Lee Aldrete is teaching her students at Smith Elementary School to stay motivated. It's no different than what she's constantly reminding herself.

The third grade teacher is motivated by fitness.

Aldrete is one of dozens of teachers and staff on the Alief Cycling Team. They push the peddle every weekend.

For Aldrete, it wasn't always easy, but when she realized she wanted to make a change, she decided to focus on three things.

The first thing she focused on was an actual fitness plan.

"We plan for the other things so why not plan for your own health and fitness," said Aldrete

Next, she said she chose not to be scared to try something new, in her case, cycling.

"What you do is going to be hard because your body is not used to that," said Aldrete. "As long as you keep doing it little by little and increasing your mileages, your body will get used to it."

Lastly, she urges that no matter what fitness plan you choose, you should always stay motivated.
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