Full-body workout burns 500 calories in 30 minutes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Signing up for a class can be the easiest way to make sure you actually get your workouts in. But often, the class times don't work with busier schedules.

9 Round, a new fitness studio in Houston, gives the benefits of a personal trainer, allows you to take the class at the exact hour and minute you choose, and often burns 500 calories in just one session.

It was the perfect choice for Jillian Ostrewich, who is a busy mom of a 2-year-old and 7-week-old.

"When you have children, you work and when you have a home, you need to maximize your time. This gym maximizes your time," explained Ostrewich.

"It's a full-body workout. It lasts 30 minutes. There's no class time. Every three minutes, a new class starts. We have it set up like a circuit, so there are nine stations. We change the workout daily," says 9 Round owner Pete Ekstrom.

"It's based on boxing and kickboxing, so they're going to learn round kicks, side kicks, front kicks and shin kicks," he explains.

There are also lots of jabs and punches.

"The moms will tell you they love to kick and punch first, but it's empowering for any female. It's a great form of stress relief," he adds.

The class also offers moderate weight training and even modifications, which is a plus for mom-to-be and 9 Round trainer Myla Ekstrom.
"You get to go at your own pace. The trainer can gear the workout around you," she says.

The class also monitors heart rates and calorie burn.

"On average, it's about 500 calories in 30 minutes," says Ekstrom. "It's quick, simple, and very effective."

That's why Ostrewich keeps coming back for more.

"You are in. You are working your tail off for 30 minutes, you're getting the best workout, and then you get home to your evening chores. It's amazing," she explains.

The most popular package 9 Round offers is $89 per month for unlimited classes. They now have several locations throughout Houston.

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