Color your world! How different hues affect your mood

If you're feeling angry or anxious, you may want to add some color to your life.

A designer revealed to that certain colors can affect the way you feel.


Although the color is usually associated with girls or women, we're starting to see more men and boys feeling comfortable wearing it. One expert on gender colors says wearing pink could quiet your inner anger.


This color can be comforting and linked to things such as a glowing fireplace or a beautiful sunrise or sunset.


This is often associated with sunshine, warmth and happiness. In fact, some color specialists say wearing yellow can instantly improve your mood.


Green can keep you calm. How? Some doctors believe green relaxes the retina and thus, calms our nerves.


Red has a powerful effect on our brains.

Doctors say it can make you stronger, more alert, more competitive and more attractive.
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