Blue Bell to temporarily shut down Brenham plant to teach new procedures

BRENHAM, TX (KTRK) -- Blue Bell in Brenham is going to shut down production temporarily in Brenham by the end of the week to train employees in new systems and procedures.

Blue Bell spokesperson Joe Robertson told Eyewitness News' Ted Oberg on the phone, "We may not make any ice cream for a while."

No employees have been laid off and we have no reason to believe this is a permanent shutdown.

Additionally, an employee tipped us to dumpsters at the back of the plant full of Blue Bell half gallons. Eyewitness News is told they are being thrown out, thousands and thousands of half gallons.

Residents in Brenham are rallying around the company.

"I think it's really sad what happened. I feel really bad for them," Brenham resident Mason Moon said.

"When you think of Brenham and you think of Washington County, Blue Bell is what you think of first and foremost," Brenham resident Lindsey Horak said.

Blue Bell says this is recalled product. But they previously said they will 'produce and hold' product to be tested. This appears to be a shift in policy.

"I think it's good on their part to be so proactive but I think it's unnecessary. I have Blue Bell at home and I'm still eating it," Brenham resident Sandra Sommerlatte said.
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