Applying sunscreen? Follow the 'shot glass rule'

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, choosing a sunscreen can be overwhelming. But sticking to these simple tips will keep your skin happy and healthy.

"There's no sunscreen that blocks 100 percent of the UV rays but at least SPF 30 will make sure you're protected," said Dr. Monee Thomas, a dermatologist in Bellaire.

SPF 30, 50 or 100 will all protect your skin for the same amount of time.

"No matter what you get, you still want to reapply every two hours," said Dr. Thomas.

The number one mistake people make is not applying enough sunscreen. So how much should you apply?

"The shot glass rule, that's about one ounce and it's enough for the entire body," explained Dr. Thomas.

Experts who talked to the Wall Street Journal recommended a shot glass full of sunscreen or about six teaspoons.

Use half a teaspoon on each arm, your face and your neck. Then use one teaspoon on each leg, your chest and back.

"I would suggest wear a hat. I'm not big on the long sleeve thing, just think of yourself in 20-30 years. Lather up!" advised skin cancer survivor Ronda Sweeny.

If you do have a sunburn, you want to try to avoid any sun time, if possible.

Cover up the area that's burned and make sure to treat it with medicine to avoid blistering.

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