Fist bumps are out? The World Health Organization says yes

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Here are alternative ways to greet someone amid COVID-19 outbreak
So when you can't shake hands, what do you do?

People are getting creative and finding new ways to greet one another without compromising their health in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

So when you can't shake hands, what do you do?

The World Health Organization director-general recently tweeted that you can put your hand over your heart when greeting someone. Since you aren't supposed to touch your face, the foot-shake has also become very popular.

I've heard of the foot tap. When you like tap the foot," Kenesha Williams said.

The World Health Organization says anything that causes you to get close to a person, like elbow or fist bumping should be avoided.

Raheel Ramzanali with our partners at ESPN 97.5 sent us video of him and coworkers greeting each other by saying hi and doing the foot tap.

As new etiquette emerges WHO says you can choose one of the following instead of a handshake.

Imitating a fist bump

  • Imitating a fist bump
  • Bowing
  • Share an Air-five
  • Tip your hat
  • Nod your head while making eye contact
  • Simply wave and say hello

One lifestyle and etiquette expert says it's acceptable to not shake someone's hand during these uncertain times but you should explain to the person why.

Map of COVID-19 cases across the US, updated as confirmed by CDC

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