No injuries reported in southwest Harris County explosion sparked by gas leak, officials say

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Officials' reminder to report leaks after home explosion
Fire officials are reminding people to report gas leaks after a home explosion in southwest Harris County.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- No injuries were reported during a home explosion, which stemmed from a gas leak, in southwest Harris County, according to authorities.

The scene is developing in the 15800 block of Camino Del Sol Drive. Officials said the explosion happened after the homeowner turned on his stove.

While no one was injured, there was damage to the home's attic, a sliding glass door, and air vents were blown out. There was also some flames in the attic.

Authorities said the homeowner knew of the leak after noticing some bubbling on the ground for a while but that they didn't know how or who to report it to.

Officials told ABC13 the leak was inside and outside the home, and the blast caused the roof to be lifted.

With no injuries, fire officials said this is an educational reminder to report the gas leak sooner as someone could've died.

"One of our jobs is to educate the public- and that's what we are looking to do, making people aware of the dangers of natural gas," Kris Parrent, with the Community Volunteer Fire Department, said. "He mentioned there was bubbling in his backyard when it rains, which means there was a gas leak in the ground, that he could only see when it was wet. Other things to look out for when you have a high gas bill and it smells like rotten eggs."

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