Could law enforcement contracts some neighborhoods have with the Harris County Sheriff's Office go away?

Houston, Texas (KTRK) -- An item on next week's Harris County commissioner's meeting regarding law enforcement contracts is creating quite the stir.

City Oaks in south Harris County hired Precinct Seven. The $320,000 contract provides three deputy constables for protection.

"75 percent of criminal activity in our community is down," City Oaks Homeowners Association board member, Deidre Rasheed explained.

But Rasheed is worried about the future.

"You don't penalize the fruit," Rasheed said. " You find the root."

At next week's county commissioner's meeting, there's an item, brought by Commissioner Adrian Garcia, where a study could be created to take a look at neighborhood law enforcement contracts.

"This is to make sure that while we do have contracts, how are we protecting the areas that do not have contracts?" Garcia explained. "What's their response times look like? Should it only be areas that have contracts have the most effective response times?"

The measure has created quite the stir, not just with homeowners associations.

Commissioner Jack Cagle posted a letter warning Garcia intends to propose an item that could significantly impact law enforcement in neighborhoods.

Garcia said Tuesday's item is asking only for a study. No action will be taken against any current contracts. If passed, the study will last for a couple months, and involve several stake holders, including the constables.

"I'm not shocked that someone would irresponsibly yell fire in a theater," Garcia said. "That's what Commissioner Cagle has done."

Rasheed is glad Cagle brought attention to Tuesday's meeting. She plans to be there and hopes the study doesn't move forward.

"You're not doing a study for no reason," Rasheed said. "You're doing a study to proceed a move that you want to justify."

Rasheed hopes this proposal won't slow down the progress made by hiring law enforcement to patrol her street.

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