Man unveils 20-year-old McDonald's hamburger

LOGAN, Utah (KTRK) -- A Utah man claims he has a 20-year-old McDonald's hamburger.

David Whipple says he bought the burger at a McDonald's in Logan, Utah on July 7, 1999.

Whipple says he initially purchased the burger for a presentation he made about enzymes and deterioration, but the burger ended up in a pocket of a coat that was forgotten about for years.

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He decided to check in on the burger this week, and found that it looked very much the same.

"There it is. My gosh. it hasn't changed. The pickles are the only thing that's disintegrated," Whipple told KUTV.

He isn't the only person who claims to have a McDonald's burger that lasted at least two decades. In 2015, two Australian men displayed a burger they claimed to have purchased from McDonald's in 1995.
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