Makeup tutorials for most popular Halloween looks

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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If you want to feel like you are dressed up for Halloween without splurging on an expensive costume, makeup can do the trick.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you want to feel like you are dressed up for Halloween without splurging on an expensive costume, makeup can do the trick.

The makeup pros showed us how to create some of the most popular looks this Halloween season.


Zombie Makeup

Zombie Makeup

Zombies are always big this time of year, and it is one of the more popular requests at the makeup counter.

"First step is that you want a clean face with no moisturizer so that the latex sticks," said makeup artist at the Upper Hand Salon Katy Thackston.

She says the key to creating a zombie always begins with a scar. For this you will need liquid latex sold in the Halloween section at the discount store. Dab a little in the area you want the scar and grab a tissue.

"You want to peel it apart so it's really really fine. This is what is going to make your scar," Thackston said.

Twist up the tissue and then add to the face. Use more latex to make the tissue stick. Then create more layers by adding more twisted up tissue. Then, let it dry.

From now on, everything used will be normal makeup. Next, use a lighter foundation than you normally use to create a pale look.

Red and purple blush or eyeshadow can be used on the eyelids and the corners of the eyes to get that signature zombie look.

Thackston has an important suggestion before you start.

"I would use old make up brushes because if you get latex or the blood on it, you could ruin the brushes," she said.

Now that the tissue is dry, apply brown shadows to make the scar look dirty, and blend in red and purple too. Use lipstick to fill in the cut and fake blood.

Finish with big teased hair and a ripped up, red-stained t-shirt. The total cost of the look is $10.


Vampire makeup

Vampire makeup

For the vampire look, start with a clean face. Makeup artist Sarah Hebert uses primer as the foundation to take the color of the skin.

Next, she creates exaggerated contouring using a blush in a brown tone. Red and purple shades are used around the eyes.

A deep red lipstick is a must for any vampire, but you also need a gloss.

"It's blood colored lip gloss, and I am going to put it on there to give it that dripping effect," Hebert said.

A widow's peak is created with a pencil and filled in. Then the hair is slicked back.

Add a cape, and the vampire look is ready to scare for $15.