Mystery kid inspires after leaving candy 'from the goodness of his heart'

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Friday, November 3, 2017
Kid leaves his own candy in empty bowl
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On Halloween night, Kim Manalo's security camera recorded a boy, who she has yet to identify, leaving his own candy when he came upon her empty bowl.

One kid's split-second decision to be selfless when he likely thought no one was watching is now being seen by thousands.

"He probably didn't know there was a camera, and it was just from the goodness of his heart," Kim Manalo told KSWB.

On Halloween night, a boy trick-or-treating came upon an empty bowl on Manalo's porch, so he left his own candy so those who came after him would have something. The Chula Vista mom, who said she usually leaves candy out so that she can take her kids trick-or-treating, had left the security camera running.

When her husband reviewed the footage the next day, he discovered the sweet moment. Manalo posted the footage to Facebook, where the boy's actions were praised.

"Character is who you are when no one is looking...or when you don't think anyone is . Let's find this kid and praise him in public for being exemplary!" wrote one commenter.

"This brought tears to my eyes. What an angel!" wrote another.

Some even offered to do something nice for the boy in return, such as buy him a gift card.

Manalo said she wants to find the boy to thank him, and she wants to bring attention to the boy's sweet action as a reminder of the good in people.

"To see that really restored faith, and I think that's why a lot of people were so happy to see it," she reflected. "There's still good in the world, and it's sad that you have to find it only with the children."