Prince estate sues maker of famous 'cloud guitar'

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- When you think of legendary performer Prince, you probably picture him holding a guitar.

The guitar most synonymous with the singer is the iconic cloud guitar.

The custom ax was designed and built by a Minneapolis man named Dave Rusan.

He says people started asking him for replicas of that signature guitar after Prince died in 2016, so he trademarked the design and started making more of them.

But now, Paisley Park, the name of Prince's estate, is demanding he stop.

Rusan says making the guitars has become his livelihood, "and he said that Prince is going to make a movie, and I remember thinking, 'Jeez, he's going to make a movie? Wow, and he needs a guitar built for the movie and you're going to make it.'"

"I feel it's kind of a David and Goliath thing. I'm all alone here trying to make these for fans and enjoy doing it. It's like my legacy. It would feel real bad, yeah," Rusan said

That movie Rusan designed the cloud guitar for was Prince's breakthrough film, Purple Rain.

He says he hopes he can resolve the issue without a legal battle.