Puppy born with rare green fur in Italy

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Friday, October 23, 2020
Puppy born with rare green fur in Italy
New video shows a puppy born with rare green fur in Sardinia, Italy.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A little green dog born in Sardinia, Italy is melting hearts.

Meet Pistachio. He was named after the green color of his fur.

Newborn puppies are rarely born with green fur. Experts say this happens when light-colored puppies have contact with a green pigment called Biliverdin, while in their mother's womb.

Pistachio was the only one out of his seven brothers and sisters to be born green, Pistachio's owner Cristian Mallocci told Reuters.

His color will fade as he gets older.

Mallocci said green is the symbol of hope and luck. They call him their "little star," to bring smiles and a little bit of joy to everyone during these tough times during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pistachio isn't the only puppy born with unusual colored fur. Earlier in the year, a German Shepherd puppy turned heads in North Carolina when he was born with bright lime green-colored fur.