Wagyu-focused restaurant Gozu showcases delicious beef imported from Japan

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Thursday, October 13, 2022
An inside look into the world of wagyu at Gozu restaurant in SF
Guests to Gozu restaurant in San Francisco get an inside look into the world of wagyu during their dining experience.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Gozu restaurant introduces guests to the wonderful world of wagyu, far beyond the select cuts of beef that you may be used to. Lead by owner and executive chef Marc Zimmerman, the establishment creatively features the meat of an entire cow in its tasting menu.

"We've got certain cuts that are coming from wagyu cattle that are more challenging to work with than others," said Zimmerman. "I think what we're trying to do here is show the art and the nuance and subtlety that comes from that animal."

Gozu's wagyu is sourced from Chateau Uenae in Hokkaido, Japan, famous for its "snow beef." At the restaurant, guests get an inside look into their order.

"The way the room is set up, we've got a counter, it's kind of shaped like a 'u.' On the inside of the counter we've got fire that burns in the middle of the room," said Zimmerman. "Essentially, all the chefs work around the fire, all the guests sit on the outside."

Pastry chef Mark Lieuw adds, "They get to see all the action happening directly in front of them, and you have all the chefs going up and explaining the food that they labor over."

In addition to showcasing the versatility and intricacies of the wagyu breed, Gozu also highlights the best beverage pairings to accompany your meal along with decadent desserts for afterward.

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