Good Samaritan uses social media to reconnect with Baytown crash victim

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Edith Adams said she is crying happy tears two days after a horrific crash on I-10 in Baytown.

Adams said she is happy she survived the wreck unscathed and happy because of the strangers who jumped into action and helped her.

Among those who offered help was Lori Vaughn and her husband Jack. They were on their way home to Louisiana. With her husband's help, Lori, a nurse, climbed inside the car. She made sure Edith was alive, checked her vitals, and kept her calm.

"We saw a car, upside down on its roof, still rocking, having just happened," said Vaughn in an interview from her home in Baton Rouge. "I just began talking to her and let her know that help was on the way, that we couldn't get her out right now, but I was going to remain with her and I was going to stay with her. "

Adams said a car stopped suddenly in front of her, heading eastbound. She swerved, a tire popped, and she lost control.

"Just that fast I could have lost my life," said Adams, who lives in Beaumont. "She (Lori) was just the sweetest thing. I just thank God for her because not many people come and, cause anything could happen. "

But neither of them knew the other's name. So Lori reached out on Facebook in search of the woman she'd helped. She wanted to know if she was okay. Within 24 hours, the post reached Edith. The two connected on the phone on Tuesday morning.

"I just didn't know if I was ever going to know the outcome and was she okay," said Vaughn. She's thankful to know Adams is safe.

"I appreciate her so much," said Adams. "Her and her husband because they didn't have to do that. That they thought enough of me to be there and to stay with me. Because she wouldn't leave my side. "

Edith's car is totaled. She's bruised and sore. But her faith in people is renewed and stronger than ever.

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