Good Samaritan looking for man he helped save from drowning during Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON, Texas -- Adrenaline was pumping and the clock was ticking.

"We built a human chain to help him," said Marshall Montiel.

Montiel is now looking for the elderly man he rescued during Harvey's hit.

"He was frozen to steering wheel," he recalled. "His first words were don't let me go under water, I don't want to drown."

Video of the rescue was captured on Sunday, Aug. 27. Montiel and a friend were driving when he saw the SUV and quickly took action.

"I just opened the passenger door and took off running towards the guy there was a crowd there and they reacted with me too," he said.

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Montiel managed to squeeze his arm inside the suv through a small crack in the window and unbuckled his seatbelt. The current was forcing the door shut but everyone pushed through.

"When we opened the door the water gushed in and went into his chest," he said. "If you look at the video he actually holds on to the door and he don't want to let go at all he thinks he will drown but we assured him we had him."

Moments after he was carried away, his SUV went under.

"I don't know if it was supposed to happen like that but it was higher power that saved us and the elderly man," he said.

Montiel is not quite sure where he is, but he wants to meet him.

"If he sees me (or) if anybody sees him, let him know I am looking for him," he said. "I still think about him I really do."

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