Goats of Anarchy is rescuing and rehabilitating goats with disabilities in New Jersey

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Thursday, July 1, 2021
NJ farm rescues and rehabilitates goats with disabilities
Goats of Anarchy is giving goats and all types of animals with disabilities a second chance at life with prosthetics and wheelchairs.

HAMPTON, New Jersey -- Goats of Anarchy, a farm animal sanctuary in Hampton, New Jersey, is giving goats and all types of animals with disabilities a second chance at life.

The farm, which specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of more than 250 animals with diverse challenges such as blindness, deformities, and neurological disorders, has become a haven for animals headed to the slaughter.

"We have a term fight like a goat and it's because some of the challenges that they face, I'd say they fight harder than a human would," said Leanne Lauricella, founder of Goats of Anarchy.

Lauricella, who left her six-figure job as a corporate event planner in New York City, fell in love with farm animals and decided to venture out and start her own animal sanctuary, without imagining the life-changing impact she would have.

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With the help of a prosthesis technician, Goats of Anarchy now has their own lab where every couple of months they create custom prostheses for their amputees.

"Farm animal vets don't even do this because these animals are meant for slaughter, and most of the time they recommend euthanizing them. So we've really have had to be very creative," said Lauricella.

Despite the emotional and economic toll of rescuing and rehabilitating these farm animals, the Goats of Anarchy team works tirelessly to ensure that every animal under their care can thrive against all odds.

"Our animals inspire us every day, and we hope they can inspire you too," said Lauricella.


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