Bartender jumps into river to save drowning goat named Elsa

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Bartender saves goat from drowing
A bartender saves a goat from drowning in a nearby river. It slipped in the water while grazing.

JEFFERSON, Wisconsin -- A good Samaritan in Wisconsin is getting a lot of attention after he jumped into a rushing river to save a drowning goat.

The goat was grazing on a small island near a tavern where the bartender works.

The goat, named Elsa, fell into the river and it was bartender Mike Soleska to the rescue.

He grabbed a canoe he keeps stored at a nearby garage and headed for the river.

He went to save Elsa and onlookers captured the moment on their cell phones.

"I was against the wall and the water kept pushing me. I had the goat in one hand and I didn't want to squish it," Soleska told WITI-TV.

The canoe tipped over, but in the end goat and bartender were okay.

Soleska said he's been bombarded by Facebook messages thanking him for saving Elsa's life.