Brow Lamination is a new eyebrow treatment that is like a perm for your eyebrows

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
This new brow treatment is like a perm for your eyebrows
So what is brow lamination? It's basically a perm or keratin treatment for your eyebrows.

NEW YORK CITY -- With masks covering half our face, the appearance of our eyes is more prominent than ever which puts our eyebrows in the spotlight. I certainly find myself fussing with my brows more than I ever did before.

While I can get by with the basics of brow shaping, they never look as groomed and defined as when I leave a professional shaping appointment.

That is, until I discovered Brow Lamination -- the new treatment that boasts fuller, lifted brows for up to eight weeks at a time!

It's become a popular alternative to micro-blading because it's a lot less invasive.

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So what is brow lamination? It's basically a perm or keratin treatment for your eyebrows.

Your eyebrow hairs are chemically straightened which results in a lot more hair to work with -- and shape to your desire!

Clementina Richardson, celebrity eyelash extension specialist and founder of Envious Lashes has definitely seen an uptick since they've reopened.

"After we've done the treatment, the clients are always shocked because it looks like we applied hairs since your hair is so much longer."

I love the shape of my eyebrows so I'm always wary to try a treatment that could change them but I knew I was in good hands after working with Clementina many times before.

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In fact, before the treatment, she gave me a test patch on my arm to make sure my skin didn't react.

Another important fact I learned? It's very common to tint your eyebrows along with the lamination treatment but the dye doesn't agree with everyone!

My mom recently had an unpleasant reaction to tinting her eyelashes and since we usually have similar reactions, I opted out of the tinting.

As with anything, do your research and make sure you're going to a reputable spot! Check out everything you need to know about Brow Lamination!

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