Galveston officials give out warning on bizarre blue sea creatures spotted floating ashore

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Heads up, Galveston! The seaweed blob is coming!
If you're planning to hit up the beach anytime soon, here's what smelly, living ecosystem to expect that's headed to the Galveston shore.

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities are warning Galveston beachgoers of the blue tentacled sea creatures that have been washing ashore recently.

The video featured above is from a previous report on Sargassum seaweed.

The unique creatures are called Blue Button Jellyfish, or Porpita Porpita, and officials are asking you to keep an eye out for them as they can cause skin irritations if you touch them.

Officials added that they are commonly found floating along the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months and attracted to the shore by plankton blooms that provide a food supply.

According to experts, they also don't swim but float and are both male and female, which means they can reproduce independently. Its mouth, officials added, releases its waste.

The blue buttons have two body parts: the float, which is the main body, and the Hydroid Colony, which are the tentacles that stick out and appear in bright blue, turquoise, and sometimes yellow color.

Officials said the turquoise is the most common on the Galveston shoreline.

So, if you find one, authorities ask you to look but don't touch!