Families share video of Fresno police officer's second deadly shooting in six months

WARNING: The video in this story is graphic and may be offensive to some.
FRESNO, California -- Newly released video shows a deadly police shooting in March 2016, the second fatal shooting in six months involving the same Fresno Police officer.

Federal civil rights lawsuits have failed so far, but both families are hoping new video will make the case for them.

Raymond Angel Gonzalez ran away when he saw Fresno Police in March 2016.

Officer Zeb Price's body camera video shows the foot chase culminating in an alley, when Gonzalez tossed away a gun but fell to the ground right near where it landed.

Gonzalez touched it a couple of times before rolling over onto his stomach, as ordered.

When he spun back around, Officer Price fired a fatal shot.

Gonzalez's family sued the city over the shooting, but a federal judge threw it out.

"Everyone in this case who has reviewed has determined the actions of the officers were reasonable and justified under the law," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

The judge's ruling and a bit of history motivated the family to go public with the video.

Six months before he killed Gonzalez, Officer Price was one of two officers who shot and killed Freddy Centeno.

Chief Jerry Dyer released body cam video of the shooting of Centeno in March 2016, the day after Price shot Gonzalez.

"This one officer killed my brother, Freddy Centeno, and Angel Gonzalez, within six months," said Rogelio Centeno. "It's not normal."

Centeno's family also had their case dismissed in federal court, but a state lawsuit is still active.

Both families have the same lawyer who says the city's legal maneuvering is denying them justice.

"Let the jury decide: Was it excessive force? was it unreasonable what the officer did?" said the families' attorney, Humberto Guizar. "Why don't they want to go to a jury? Why are they scared of a jury?"

Both families are appealing their losses in court.

Officer Price is now a sergeant at the department.
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