Man accused of stealing from women he met on dating apps

LOS ANGELES, California -- A Woodland Hills man is facing the scorn of many women he dated and 33 felony charges of fraud and theft.

Wilson Jackson, 37, plead not guilty at a preliminary hearing Friday.

Seven witnesses, including a Lyft driver and the business manager at his dentist's office, testified that Jackson convincingly described glitches with his bank and the need for help in cashing checks.

Several victims have persisted in documenting their losses and urged other women to come forward.

Some women testified in a courtroom that Jackson invited them to his apartment, then stole blank checks and credit card numbers from their bags when they weren't looking.

"I think he has perfected his game. He literally morphs into what he needs to be," said alleged victim Acacia Oudinot.

The defense questioned the accusers' credibility as women who may have been scorned.

"It was a bad date, right? That's it. That is all it was, a bad date," said defense attorney Vicken Hagopian, challenging a witness.

The lead Los Angeles Police Department detective in the case said that 60 women have contacted the department to tell their stories.

Jackson rejected a plea deal that would have limited his sentence to seven years in state prison.

Investigators said they want the word out that persuasive operators are skilled at targeting women who have professional jobs and a high income.

Testimony will continue on Monday to determine if Jackson should be held over for trial.
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