Houston Astros explain their love for Fortnite

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
Not even the Astros can resist Fortnite
Not even the Astros can resist Fortnite

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Astros are the best team in baseball, and now they're trying to be the best team on the battlefield.

Fortnite fever has taken over and millions of people are getting online to play it.

If you don't know what Fortnite is, ask your kids. One hundred players drop into a battlefield and try to be the last person standing in a "Hunger Games" type battle royale.

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The Astros have even brought their love for the game onto the field. They've been spotted celebrating after a win by dancing together the way characters in the game celebrate.

Houston Astros outfielders Marwin Gonzalez, Jake Marisnick, and Derek Fisher were seen in the Fortnite celebration pose earlier in the 2018 MLB season.

"It's just another way for us to have fun and be the nerds we want to be," Josh Reddick said.

Reddick, Alex Bregman, Jake Marisnick, Lance McCullers, Carlos Correa and Derek Fisher are among some of the players on the team who play the popular video game at home and in the locker room. But who is the best?

"Jake and I and Lance," Bregman said. "It's the hunger games, survival of the fittest."

Hopefully, they can take their "Victory Royales" from Fortnite and turn it into another World Series championship.