McDonald's spices things up with new Signature Sriracha Burger

HOUSTON, Texas -- This week I reached out for a new Signature Sriracha, the latest addition to the "Signature Crafted Line" at America's No. 1 burger slinger, McDonald's, with about 15,000 restaurants blurring the red, white, and blue.

McDonald's ... Sriracha ... what took you so long? This just in, even the drive-through set likes spicy food. The other burger barns have been turning up the heat with Sriracha for a few years. Did you think they were just blowing smoke?

A 1/4-pound beef patty, spicy chili-infused Sriracha Big Mac sauce, tender baby spinach and kale, smooth white cheddar cheese, crispy onions, and tomato. Choose from an artisan roll, sesame seed bun, or - the smart play - a potato bun.

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