Blue Bell distribution center in Alvin has ice cream

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As Blue Bell resumes production and distribution of their ice cream, it's moving closer and closer to store shelves -- and ultimately, your freezer! (KTRK)

Blue Bell is staging a comeback, and the trucks are already docked just outside of Houston.

Skyeye HD spotted several Blue Bell trucks arriving at an Alvin distribution site. HEB announced Thursday the beloved ice cream will be back on shelves by mid-September. Branding experts said brand loyalty will prevail despite the numerous listeria deaths months ago linked to Blue Bell ice cream.

"That was then, this is now," said University of Houston Marketing and Entrepreneurship Professor Besty Gelb, Phd. "They are paying the price, but they are about to be forgiven. They've been at all the birthday parties and therefor welcome back Blue Bell is going to be a very common feeling."

Dr. Gelb said Blue Bell has built a brand that is resilient, one that people have built an emotional tie to and one they trust.

"They've been at all the birthday parties and therefor welcome back Blue Bell," said Dr. Gelb.

The loyalty for some Houstonians runs even deeper.

"My middle child's first solid food is Chocolate Blue Bell Ice cream," said customer Virginia Talbot. "We are willing to be more forgiving. But It's a unique situation. I think very few business can get away with this."

Talbot said for the past few months, she hasn't replaced Blue Bell with any other brand in her freezer, but she said she's not sure if she will buy the first batch. But others said the first batch will be the best and safest.

"If they were bringing it back, it would only mean that they double checked it and made sure that nothing like that would happen again," said Jennifer Costello.

Gelb said another mess up by Blue Bell, and the ice cream giant's comeback could crumble. She said people forgive one, but fewer forgive twice.

"They can't afford to have that problem occur again," said Talbot.
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