Swap out expensive flowers for fruits and veggies in your next bouquet

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- They're filled with stunning fresh flowers, and yes, some pieces are even healthy enough to eat!

A Houston design company is redefining the classic wedding bouquet by creating one-of-a kind arrangements made with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

"Every bride wants to be unique and incorporating textures that are a surprise instead of just the same old color palette that you went to the wedding the week before," said Lora Strutton with Lanson B. Jones & Co. "You know, your friend probably didn't have an artichoke!"

Strutton is the company's floral and events designer. Their primary focus is to turn ordinary landscape design into a unique art form. Their projects range from home gardens to patios, and their unique floral and veggie arrangements are a part of a growing trend for brides.

"It's like I added a yellow flower, but it's a lemon," explained Strutton. "It smells fresh and a surprise to guests."

More importantly, the designs can save you money.

"A bell pepper could be half the cost of a flower, so really, to fill out that whole arrangement, (the bride) is saving half the money," said Strutton.

Here's how you can design your own arrangement at home in three easy steps:

  • Start with a floral foam cube, available at most arts and crafts stores.

  • Add some greenery around the edges by using vegetables such as asparagus or you can use kale.

  • Then, simply add your favorite flowers! You can also top it off with a bell pepper cut in half for more texture or a pear.

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