Cold weather means heater, fireplace fires

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- With the temperatures dropping, it actually feels a bit more like Christmastime, but it also means more house fires from poorly maintained fireplaces and heaters.

A home in Cy-Fair at the corner of Eldridge and Fallbrook went up in flames Sunday night. Captain David Padovan with the Cy-Fair Fire Department said a fireplace was likely the cause.

"We kind of call this weather 'house fire weather'. People don't maintain their heaters properly. They don't maintain their fireplaces properly. So when the first cold snap really comes in, they turn everything on and that's when you cause a fire," Padovan said.

Firefighters suggest using this home's extensive damage as an example to see just how much destruction can come from not maintaining fireplaces and heaters.

The recommend calling a technician to check out systems at least once a year.

It's relatively inexpensive, especially considering the cost of being unprepared, they said.

"Make sure (technicians) check it over. It gives you a good peace of mind," Padovan said.

No one was hurt in this fire. The home was badly damaged and the residents are now staying in a hotel.
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