IRS volunteers at the University of Houston-Downtown gear up to provide free income tax help

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One of the good things to happen from the winter storm: The tax filing deadline has been extended until June for everyone in Texas.

We've told you about tax assistance in the past. It is happening now, but with the pandemic, things look a lot different.

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Trained volunteers for the IRS are still able to work with you through the process of filing your taxes and hopefully, getting the return check you deserve.

But this year, you cannot meet with those volunteers face-to-face. Instead, you will have to go over the forms and information over a Zoom call.

The VITA Free Tax Help Program At the University of Houston-Downtown is already up and running, and tax helpers there are finding the technology is not slowing them down when it comes to helping people file their taxes.

"Many of them have never encountered Zoom. If I say something like Facetime, 'You do Facetime?' And they say, 'Oh yes, yes,' and it makes sense to them," said UHD VITA Program Director Cynthia Lloyd.

There is an income limit of around $66,000.

There are no walk-ins this year because it's all done over the internet, so you have to make an appointment.

You can do that through this email

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