International flights remain on schedule at IAH following Paris attacks

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Federal Aviation Administration air traffic operations will remain as normal following the terror attacks in Paris Friday.

Flights out of Bush Intercontinental Airport were on schedule to European destinations and direct flights to France. All major airliners stated they are monitoring the situation in France and are ready to respond to security changes if needed. Delta airlines stated that it may issue a travel waiver that would allow passengers to change their flights to France at no additional cost.

"My prayers are certainly with France," said one passenger leaving to London Friday evening. "We just all have to be very alert and careful."

"This is something that is front and center not just for the United States but everyone in Western civilization," said intelligence expert Jim Conway.

Conway said in the coming days as more information becomes available of the terror attacks, you may see security changes.

"We got the holiday season. We have airliners. People need to be concerned. We always hear the clich if you see something say something. And that proves to be the case," said Conway. "Their (France) threat level is very high. Basically because of their demographics, the people that live in country many of whom have come from their colonial territories in what's called the Macgab or Northern Africa."
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