Community, donor extends helping hand to replace nonverbal boy's stolen communication device

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FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina -- Jamie Santana is overwhelmed by the amount of community support her family received after she shared the news that thieves broke into her family's car and stole her nonverbal son's communication device two weeks ago.

Nine-year-old Leo Batista uses the device to communicate with his family. Without it, it's been a struggle.

"We're always there for him. We're his voice. With this device, he has his own voice," said Santana.

The story aired Monday on ABC and since then, the community has stepped in to help.

After the family created a GoFundMe page, dozens of people donated and another good Samaritan ordered a used Accent 1000, a speech communication device.

It is set to arrive next week.

Leo will not only receive the device, but he will get to meet the generous donor.
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