Fat cat seeking the purr-fect new home

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

MORTON GROVE, Illinois -- One shelter in Illinois is hoping you have room for an extra fat feline in your life.

Bruno is a Russian Blue cat with a little extra fluff. Cats of his breed usually are supposed to weigh between 7-10 pounds; Bruno tips the scale at 25 pounds.

Bruno came to Wright-Way Rescue back in April from a family with children he didn't get along with. The shelter says he is much too cool to be homeless.

Bruno is what the shelter calls a "polydactyl" cat because he has extra toes.

WATCH: Bruno purrforms his stand-up routine

Bruno likes pets while he eats and knows it's important to stay hydrated- though he'll only drink water if it's placed in a separate room from where his food is. While there is a lot of Bruno to love and it may be tempting to pet his tummy, he would prefer that you didn't. He may swat at your hand and pretend to bite if you do.

"Yes, I know I am EXTRA," he said (at least he owns it).

Most of Bruno's days are spent lying around, but never far from his family. He likes to play with his feather wand toy, lay on the floor or in your lap and "chat" with his family all day long.

Other than being overweight, which he is working on, he is perfectly healthy.

Wright-Way Rescue said it has received adoption applications from across the U.S. and even as far away as Australia, Wales and Canada.

Bruno has been very excited by all of the interest. Being the high maintenance cat that he is, he's taking his time to review all of the applications to pick the purr-fect new home.

Bruno is taking his time to review adoption applications. He wants to be sure to pick the purrfect home.
Wright-Way Rescue

Interested in being Bruno's new owner? Visit Wright-Way Rescue's website to apply.