'Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks makes debut on runway for New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK -- Social media viral sensation Jeremy Meeks, also known as the "hot felon," made his debut on the runway, walking in New York Fashion Week.

Meeks was on the runway alongside rappers and an army of people dressed as Statues of Liberty for designer Philipp Plein.

Meeks' searing blue eyes and perfect cheekbones lit up the runway after doing the same on the internet in 2014, after his arrest for gun possession in a gang sweep in Stockton, California.

Police posted his mugshot on Facebook and women went wild. He had a record for auto theft and has served time in both state and federal prisons, so why put him in a fashion show?

"We're all bad boys," Plein said. "I'm a bad boy."

Meeks has been pursuing a modeling career since he was released from prison.
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