Out of options, woman turns to Ted over uncomfortable couch

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Turn to Ted: Uncomfortable Sofa
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Turn to Ted: Uncomfortable Sofa

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Carolyn Summage moved into a new apartment last year and new apartments need new couches. Carolyn went to Conn's Home Plus.

"I wanted it because it looked so comfortable. It was beautiful," Summage said.

But something didn't feel right.

"It's very painful. My hip hurts. Everything hurts."

Conn's sent a repair tech. Repeatedly. Carolyn says they eventually replaced the whole sleeper section. But it still hurt.

The company's online warranty says Conn's doesn't accept returns on furniture unless a company repair tech finds a defect. A Conn's spokesperson wouldn't get into Carolyn's details, but remember Carolyn says the company did replace the sleeper section but she had the same issue afterward.

When we called Conn's Home Plus something changed. A spokesperson told us, "...We are committed to complete customer satisfaction with all purchases. While the sleeper sofa is in line with manufacturer specifications, the customer does not find it to be comfortable. We have been working with Ms. Summage on a resolution."

She couldn't find an in-stock replacement, so a few days ago the company came to pick up the problematic sofa. Carolyn got her refund Friday.

Conn's said this was a special circumstance for Summage - not a change in policy.

Best advice there - make sure what you see and sample in a showroom is what is being delivered.

In her case, they didn't have the sleeper sofa on the floor, just a non-sleeper model which felt different.

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